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 Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 3

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 3 Empty
PostSubject: Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 3   Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 3 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 10:46 pm

Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi

Chapter 3

Rain poured down on the village as if the heavens had opened up and just released a ocean. Sousui stood on top of his house which was a red shingled apartment. His hands in his pockets as he stared up at the sky. "Hey Sousui!" Taka yelled over the tip-tap of the rain everywhere.

"Huh, oh hey Taka, whats going on?" Sousui asked. "Oh not much I'm just going for some food, you want to come?" Taka replied.

"Why not, lets go?" Sousui told him.

They both set off. "So why were you just standing there?" Taka asked

"I... was just thinking, besides I like the rain" Sousui said.

"What were you thinking?" Taka asked drilling Sousui with questions.

"Ahh, about the squad in general, when our first dangerous mission, we have been on two dozen D-rank missions, I'm not complaining but I'm thinking what happens when something wrong happens. Can we handle it?" Sousui told him.

"Ahh we will be fine I'm sure we can handle it." Taka told him.

They arrived at the restaurant. The two entered and ordered the food. the inside was warm and actually well lit too.

Meanwhile at the advisers office

"Hirashi your squad has been doing a... excellent job lately so I have a assignments for you four." adviser Ramochi said with a smirk.

"Yes sir?" Hirashi asked "What is it?"

"This is your first C-Rank mission, there is a suspected rebel camp halfway between Konoha and a small outpost. Do not engage unless attacked first, only scout if confirmed return here and a ANBU squad will be sent to handle them" Ramochi responded

"Alright thank you for trusting us with such a important mission Adviser Ramochi." Hirashi stated as he bows and leaves.

Hirashi wiped his head from forehead. "Something about that guy gives me the creeps." Hirashi said to himself.

He exists the building into the rain. "Well then might as well go gt those three."

Taka and Sousui sat around the restaurant eating their food. "Hey guys whats up?" Sukai asked as he entered. The rain finally began to stop.

"Not to much just hanging out." Taka said.

Hirashi then entered. "Hey guys we have a mission, We leave immediately, I'll explain on the way."

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 3
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