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 Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.6

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.6 Empty
PostSubject: Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.6   Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.6 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 11:50 pm

Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi

Chapter 6

Sukai stood locking at the tall man in the black T-shirt. "Listen, it we are going to fight lets get this over with, other wise please leave." Sukai said

The man smiled. "So ready for a fight, then feel my burn!" the man said performing hand seals.

Suddenly a hand rabbed him stopping the seals. "Hold on!" Hirashi yelled. "We are not enemies!" he sighed. "Each of us were given the same missions."

The other four came out of the forest already being informed. A kunai then came speeding. "Whats was that!" Taka yelled. Hirashi grabbed it into the direction it came from along with the other sensei. Inside the forest was a small bandit group. By the time the others entered, half were on the ground captured or running and being captured. "They are not even at Genin level, why is this a C-Rank Mission? The other sensei said.

"Ramochi has some explaining." Hirashi stated.

"I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot, I am kenishiro." said the other sensei. "Well look at the time we must be getting back to Kumogakure." As the team runs off.

"Well that was, um.. odd" Sukai stated. Then the rest of the team departed to Konoha confused and demanding questions.
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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.6
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