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 Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 7

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 7 Empty
PostSubject: Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 7   Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 7 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 1:43 am

Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi

Chapter 7

The Door opened as Hirashi walked in. "Ramochi, What was the meaning of that, those bandits were E rank, also we engaged another squad... On the same mission!"

Ramochi smiled. "Now, now why speak to me like this?"

"Because you almost got 6 kids killed out there!" Hirashi yelled.

"heh, it was a mere test." Ramochi responds. "If they cannot handle a small fight how to expect to serve the emperor efficiently?"

Hirash sighed "Your a sick man, you know that Ramochi!"

"You are aware your words may end you, but I will forgive and forget your near traitorous tongue this time, you are useful yet." Ramochi said so simply "Now begone."

Later that day Hirashi approached the three genin along with another genin there. "So what have you guys been up to?" asked Daisuke brushing his hand through his hair.

"Well we went on a mission and accidentally engaged a squad from kumo, rather annoying if you ask me." Sukai said.

"Oh look, its Hirashi Sensei." Taka said.

"I should go, we are about to set off on a mission." Daisuke said running off.

"Hey guys, good job on the last mission, I think we should get some training in though." Hirashi said

"Alright, all together then?" Sukai asked.

"No, individually, each of you tell me your strong points and I will tell you what to train, Taka you first" Hirashi said.

"Uhh well, I do well with the Hyuga techniques that I am allowed at least to know." he replied.

"Alright Train one or two normal ninjutsu, Sousui how about you?" the sensei asked

"Hrm well I'm decent at the nara ninjutsu, infact just ninjutsu."

"Ahh, okay I want you to train in Genjutsu resistance and a jutsu or two." Hirashi replied "and you sukai?"

"ehh I guess nothing I'm sorta balanced I figure" He commented

"Okay thats fine, try some more Yuki jutsu."

"What about you sensei?" asked taka

"Well I'll be fine, you guys need it more than me, we are on training break for one month, good luck." Hirash was off before they could respond.

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch. 7
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