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 Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.1

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PostSubject: Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.1   Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.1 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 2:04 am

Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi

Chapter 1

The sun slowly rose over the edge of the horizon. Light creeping on the village, a rather large town with a Japanese look to it. The Light shined down on the face of five young boys in the forest nearby it. This man had long black hair coming down in a ponytail. He was wearing a black shirt along with a white jacket. "Hey guys it's morning. We better get to the academy. They are assigning us teachers today!"

Tsugi-yo Rekidaishi
Chapter 1

Young worn out shinobi after a long night of training awaken from a restful sleep.

The next one awoke he wore black pants, with long black hair, and a dark purple shirt. "Hey Daisuke, Lets go."

"What about the others Sousui?" Asked Daisuke.

"Oh Yeah." Sousui replied.

The next person awoke. He had short light blue hair, a white T-shirt and black shorts. "Oh year, you two ready?" he says

"Yeah we are Rotsuba." Sousui said

Next to awaken was a boy with short brown hair and glasses, he had a red jacket and blue pants. His name was Taka Hyuga. He only grunted.

Finally a boy with long brown hair. green blue short kimono & striped turtle-neck sweater with tan skin woke up. His name was Sukai Yuki "Hey Daisuke, Sousui, Rotsuba, Taka! Ready yet?"

"Yeah, lets go Suaki." said Daisuke

As they approached the academy the noise of children's laughing and screaming filled the air. The Sun now shined heavily down on the academy.

"So, you scared Taka?" asked Sukai.

"Ha in your dreams!" Taka laughed.

The bell rang and the students all stopped talking as the scrambled inside the class room.

"Alright everybody." said Hazumi-sensei. "Congratulations on passing your exams. Today you are no longer students but now Genin. You will all be assigned teachers today and be placed into squads of 3 plus the teacher."

A small group had a cheer. The teacher laughed. "I'm glad your all happy about this."

He went on assigning students to their squads and teachers. eventually...

Hazumi makes the announcement. "Sousui Nara, Sukai Yuki, & Taka Hyuga. You three will be in Team 10."

"Now we are gonna take a quick lunch break." says Hazumi. "Please return for your headband" he said with a smile.

The kids all looked around. "So Rotsuba, what squad did you get?" Asked Taka in a questioning manner.

"Huh? oh um... I wasn't paying any attention." Rotsuba replied.

"We are in Squad nine, our sensei is someone named Rika Inoue." Daisuke said with a direct focus out the class window.

"Hey you tards, feel happy. You get to be in a squad with the great Gohachiro Inuzuka!!"
The noise came from a rather large guy with a medium sized dirty blonde hair and a black puppy right next to him. He had a long gray sleeve with khaki shorts.

"Uh-huh, well tough guy you shouldn't act so tough." Rotsuba said to him annoyed.

This continued for the rest of the day. Finally it was time to meet their sensei's. Team 10 was told to meet their sensei at a noodle restaurant.

It was now night time. Sousui sat in a booth waiting for his friends. His head looking out the window to the moon.

"Hey Sousui!" Yelled Sukai.

"hrm.., Oh! hey Sukai. Whats up?" Sousui asked.

"Not much. Taka had to take a piss." said Sukai.

"thanks for the info..." said Sousui.

Taka then soon approached and him and Sukai sat into the booth. They talked and laughed while also annoyed that their teacher hasn't arrived yet.

Sandals clapping against the ground approaches the booth. "Hi, I see you three are here, good. I'm your sensei, Hirashi Mihara." Said the man in a white kinono top, blonde hair that goes past his waste and white kimono pants.

"so your out sensei?" asked Taka.

"Well yes did I not just say that?" Hirashi Stated. "So lets talk for a bit."

"So each of you tell me about yourself" Hirashi Said.

"Well my name is Taka Hyuga, I'm 12 years old, I like to make random food and test to see what tastes best!"

"Well then I see your rather a enthusiastic food eater. Hey Waitress can we get a plate of hot dumplings!" Yelled Hirashi.

The Waitress nodded. "Well I'm Sousui Nara, 12 years old, and as you see I like star gazing. so beautiful. he says with a smirk.

"Thats good and all but that waitress is quite a looker" says Hirashi

"I'm Sukai Yuki, 12 years old. I can be seen as Anti-Social yet I'm really fun when you get to know me."

"Well I'm sure your not anti-social." he said with a laugh.

The Waitress brought a plate of dumplings over. "Thank you miss." he said with a warm greeting smile while kissing her hand.

The waitress blushed and laughed. "your welcome.' she then walked away smiling.

"Sensei did you just hit on the waitress?" asked sousui who had stopped glaring outside.

"No, no. hitting on her implies I might fail, That was a score." Hirashi laughed.

Sousui glared at his playboy sensei thinking. What a weirdo...
while Taka laughed however and giving the sensei a thumbs up while Sukai just shook his head.

Hirashi got up and said "So alright guys meet me in the center of town tomorrow at noon." I have some business to take care of." Hirashi said as he walked over to the waitress.

The three genin ranked shinobi got up and began to walk off.

The nearly empty streets with a cold light breeze hitting them

"So I like him, he bought me food" Taka said in a cheerful manner.

The sky became clear.

"He seems odd but okay. well lets see how this goes." Sousui said.

"Yeah. well night guys." Sukai said.

They each went back to their houses.
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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.1
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