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 New Group vs. Old Group - WWE 13

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PostSubject: New Group vs. Old Group - WWE 13   Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:20 am

*Opening Round

Austin w/ Marcy vs. Nobody = Austin w/ Marcy

Will vs. Witehawk = Will

Ian vs. Crenshaw = Crenshaw

Chad vs. Claridy = Claridy via Submission

Kameron vs. Blake = Kameron via Submission

Stephen w/ Lauren vs. Protector = Stephen w/ Lauren

Troy vs. Drift = Troy

Sean vs. J.T. = Sean

Quarter Final Round

Austin w/ Marcy vs. Will = Austin w/ Marcy

Crenshaw vs. Claridy = Crenshaw via Submission

Kameron vs. Stephen w/ Lauren = Stephen w/ Lauren

Troy vs. Sean = Sean


Austin vs. Claridy = Austin

Sean vs. Stephen = Sean


Sean vs. Austin = Austin

Scores: Wins against fighter on other team

New Group Points - 6

Team OG - 2
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New Group vs. Old Group - WWE 13
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