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 Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.2

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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.2 Empty
PostSubject: Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.2   Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 2:05 am

Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi

Chapter 2

The Next day began and the three genin met up in the center of town at noon. Slowly Hirash walked up to them "Hey guys well we got out first mission" said Hirashi.

"Wait, your not going to test our skills?" Taka asked

"No if I test them, then its just a test, in the field how ever is where it makes a difference." Hirashi explained

They nodded.

"So whats out mission?" asked Sukai.

"A boy lost his toy in the forest nearby. We need to find it" Hirashi said.

Over to the left of them. A Man was being beaten and grabbed by three Jonin.

"Hey leaved him alone" yelled Taka.

As he ran up one of the Jonin back handed him onto the ground

"Knock it off brat. This man is a spy for the rebellion. these are orders by the Emperor, Seizonsha Uchiha. Now out of my way." The Jonin said and explained.

Taka got up.

Sousui turned to his sensei and asked. "Sensei, what is this rebellion all about?"

"Well Sousui, Taka, Sukai. About 40 years ago we were divided into different countries. The Land of fire, home to Konoha. The Land of wind, home to Suna. The Land of lightning, home to Kumo. The land of water,home to Kiri. and the land of earth, Home to Iwa." Hirashi Stated.

"We all ready know that much Hirashi Sensei." Taka mumbled.

"Well I'm getting there, in Konoha a man rose to the rank of Hokage. His name was Seizonsha Uchiha. He soon waged war on the other villages and defeated each village with ease uniting the land under one rule and named himself emperor. Some people see him as a tyrant and well that is as far as I can tell you on what I know about the rebellion."

"Yeah due to his word, me & my family got transferred from Kiri to here." Sukai commented.

"Well enough of that, lets get the mission over with." Taka said.

The day continued on. While looking in the forest with no luck. Sukai sat down in the children's park. He looked over and saw a little red robot toy. like in the mission briefing.

"Hey guys, I Found it!" Sukai shouted "Over here by the swings"

Sousui, Taka and Hirashi approached from the forest. "Good job guys. I'll take the toy back to the child and then I will report to the emperor's adviser." Hirashi said.

The Three nodded and walk off while Hirashi picked up the toy and jumped onto a building and leaped from building to building until he reaches the child. he approached the street corner and handed the child his toy back.

Hirashi looked up at the sun. "Well might as well get to the emperors adviser." Hirashi said to himself.

Hirashi being to walk towards the large mansion formerly belonging to the The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, The Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, The third Hokage, Hizuzen Sarutobi, The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, The fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju, The Sixth Hokage, Naruto Namikaze, and The seventh hokage, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and now The largest of them all. The first emperor Seizonsha Uchiha.

Hirashi climbed the stairs with an eerie echo filling the halls after he got inside. Hirashi entered the office. In the center of the seat sat a man. This man had long black hair down to his legs. his skin was pale white and purple rings around his eyes. He wore a peach jacket with black fish net and black pants.

"Advisor Ramochi, We have completed the mission." Hirashi said.

"Good i see potential for your squad." Ramochi said with a eevie moaning sound of voice. "You have a bright future." he said with a large smirk.
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Naruto: Tsugi-yo Shinobi Rekidaishi Ch.2
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