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 New Souls

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Pro Log
100 years ago during the battle against Aizen Ichigo had no choice but to use his Final Getsuga Tenshō the resulting attack hit Aizen full in chest shattering the Hōgyoku causing it to explode killing Ichigo, Aizen, Chad, Orihime and Uryū. The explosion released the Hōgyoku’s power causing the creation of many more Arrancar and strengthening the Arrancar already existed. Or so history says. Now 100 years later the students of the Soul Reaper Academy prepare to take their final exam and if they succeed these new souls will be set on the path to their futures.

Chapter 1
It was a beautiful morning as the sun began to raise the wind swept through the sky in to the open window of the academy student waking him up. The young man went his window and looked out todays the day he thought then he took a deep breath. He turned form his window and began to get ready he put on his blue and white academy uniform then grabbed his Zanpakutō from the top of his dresser and secured it firmly at his side and then silently said a quick prayer thanks and in the same silence asked the spirit of his Zanpakutō to please be with him then turning to look back at sky one more time to burn image in his mind then he turned and left the room closing the door shut behind him. As the young man walked down the hall he saw another student come out of his dorm the student turned and looked at him. Oh hey good morning Kaze! the student said. “Good morning Takashi” Kaze replied. Can you believe in a couple of days we might acutely be real soul reapers? Takashi asked. Before Kaze could answer. “Ya it’s gonna be a Great day!” Takashi said buzzing with excitement. “You know it!” Kaze replied. As they walked down the hall Kaze thought himself “I hope your right”. When they got to the mess hall they took their usual table. Siting there was a young man with neat cut hair and an elaborate Design on his right arm. Hey what’s up Daisuke? Kaze asked. Well since you’re asking I learned something interesting about my Zanpakutō Daisuke replied. Really? What’s that? Kaze asked. Well Daisuke started you know how my Zanpakutō can absorb and control blood including my one right? Daisuke asked. Of course. Right. Kaze and Tekashi said at the same time. Well you know how much I like pain. Daisuke held up his left arm. So I started cutting myself in various vertical horizontal patterns. Ok Kaze said. And my sword was absorbing all that blood so I wrapped up my cuts sheathed sword and went to be bed. Daisuke said. Ok Kaze said. So Daisuke continued when I woke up this morning I expected my arm to be sore as hell but when I woke up my arm felt fine so I checked under the bandages and my arm didn’t have a single cut. Wow said Kaze. How is that even possible? Takashi asked. That’s what I said so I drew my Zanpakutō made a cut along my arm and.…..And? Takashi asked. Nothing special I just got cut in fact nothing special happened at all until after I put my Zanpakutō back in its sheath. Then what happened. Asked Takashi. Well that’s the thing Daisuke said. My cut vanished so I drew my Zanpakutō and cut my arm again then I sheathed my Zanpakutō and the cut vanished so then I grabbed one of my throwing knifes and cut my arm again this time it stayed cut so I drew my Zanpakutō one more and made a cut where I had cut myself with my throwing knife only I made it deeper. Oh man I thought I lost feeling in my arm there for a second so when I put my Zanpakutō back in its sheath and both cuts healed so I asked my Zanpakutō and long story short it uses blood to heal me .WOW! Takashi said that’s amazing! Nice! Kaze said. So douse it work with other people blood or just yours? Kaze asked. You know what I have no idea. . Daisuke got a strange look in his eye. He looked at Kaze. Hey Kaze how would you like to help me with an experiment. Daisuke had an evil look in his eye and a smirk on his face. A look ran across Kazes face and then….Oh HEEELL NO! Kaze said. Aw come on Daisuke begged I’ll give you a cookie. I’m good thank you. Get yourself another guinea pig just then “Hey guys!” a young female voice could be heard across the mess hall. In speaking of guinea pig Kaze said with a smirk. A teen aged girl that had an indigo stripe down the center left side of her bangs and hair that came just past her shoulders ran up to the table. She had on the red and white uniform of a female student. Hey what’s up you guys? She asked. Not much Daisuke replied. She turned to Kaze and how are you doing Baka Oni san? The girl asked snickering. I’m doing fine. Kaze replied and how are you doing Baka dokusai ni chan. The girl got a scowl on her face .How many times do I have to tell not to call that! Jack Ass! She muttered Kaze and Daisuke started laughing. Oh would you two shut up! She yelled. Damn monkeys! She muttered under her breath. Uh hey Komakai good morning. Takhashi said week voice. Kaze and Daisuke where still laughing. WILL YOU TWO KNOCK IT Of… Komakai suddenly turned to Takhashi wait what did you say Takhashi? Komakai asked. Takhashi looked worried for a moment then stood up proudly and said in a strong confident voice. I said good morning Komakai. Takhashi said. Oh Komakai said shocked but quickly got back her composure. Oh hey good morning Takhashi. How have you been? Komakai asked. Well actually I Takhashi started. Hey whats up? A familiar voice called a few tables away. As two students walked up to the table. The first to arrive was the one the left had long straight black hair. The second student on the left had long brown hair. Both had on the blue and white uniform of the male students. Hey Ryuji, Yuki what’s up? Kaze asked the two students. Ah not much Yuki and I were just working on who all we would be form Sgt Frog. Ryuji said. Yuki continued I’m keroro, Ryuji’s Dororo, Kaze your Giroro, Daisuke your Kululu. Who am I? Takashi interrupted. Yuki looked at Takashi. Takashi your Fuyuki yuki said . Komakai perked up. Ou I know how I am then . Komakai said excitedly. Who do you think you are Komakai? Ryuji asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Well Komakai started, if takashi’s Fuyuki then me being the strong one that must meen I’m Natsumi. Right? Actually. Ruyji said. Your Momoka. What?! Komakai Yelled. How can you say that?! I’m nothing like Momoka for one thing am not in love with Takashi and secondly I’m not crazy! Komakai argued. Actually Kaze said I can see her as Natsumi. THANK YOU! Komakai sighed. After all Kaze continued between constantly yelling at Yuki and your random fits of violent rage I can definitely see you as Natsumi. Fuck you. Komakai said angrily. No I think I’ll pass thank you. Kaze said with smirk. Komakai got an evil look on her face and then, One day I’m gonna attack out of nowhere and then I’m gonna kick your ASS! Komakai Yelled. Kaze laughed, Are sure you wanna do that? Kaze asked. Why the hell wouldn’t I?! Komakai asked angrily. Well grasshopper you’re going to try to attack me and then the fights gonna end in one hit. Yah and how’s that gonna happen? Komakai asked. Well it’s very simple you’re going to try and hit me and then your ass is going to hit either the ground or a wall which ever’s closest. Damn! Daisuke said shocked. Komakai looked at Kaze angrily then almost under her breath she muttered. Damn you! So who’s Tora from Sgt Frog? Takashi asked. What’s up everybody? A familiar voice called a short ways away. A student with mid length brown] and a neckles with a pendint in the shape of a symbol between a cross and a heart [walked toward the table. Hey what’s up Tora? Ryuji asked. Not much, you? Tora replied. Not much we were doing who we would all be from Sgt Frog. Who am I? Tora asked. You’re the narrator. Ryuji ansered. Tora noded his head in agement, cool. Tora replied. Yep you’re the narrator I’m Dororo Yuki’s Keroro Komakai Momoka Gerrr! A high pitched growl could be heard from Komakai. Ryuji continued Daisuke’s Kululu Takhashi Fuyuki and Gohachiro and Bakuha are Tamama and Kogoro. At that moment a loud voice yelled. Well look who we have here. A group of students walked up to their table. Each member of the group had a tattoo of a scythe on their arms. We just wanted ta let you know that we're going ti kick you ass's! the leader yelled. Ya no one beats the Death Scythes! The second in command shouted. You might want to leave…Unless you want to have a severed jugular, Daisuke added. A look of grimes crossed Oujirou face. Ha! Oujirou yelled. Nice try I know you’re bluffing. Daisuke looked at him.OH I’m not bluffing Daisuke said.

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New Souls
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