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 Magic Soul Academy (Pre-Story)

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PostSubject: Magic Soul Academy (Pre-Story)   Magic Soul Academy (Pre-Story) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 11:49 pm

Once. almost an eternity ago, there were several magical academies all taught only specific classes of magic. One day, the students of the academies started to revolt against their teachers. After months of war and genocide, the students murdered their professors and Head masters. This revolt was known throughout UlmIa (the world) as the War of Rogue Magistrates.

Today, the schools all teach a wide diversity of magic. resent discoveries have been made that weaker magical beings able to use magic quite easily. This discovery is called a Grimoire. Not all grimoires are in the forms of books. Most grimoires take form of some trinket of sentimental value or can be used as a prosthetic. Weaker races such as sandulites almost require a grimoire due to a warrior bloodline. When someone who has potent magic abilities use a grimoire, the strain on the body usually causes the body to convulse untill it desentigrates into a bloody mass of organs and mana.

There are 6 types of magic: wind. Bloodmagic, Holy, Nature, Fire, Water.

There are several heroes in this story. Lancaris(jon) who is a wind user, Eliria(kayla) who must use a grimoire to utilise the fire magic she wishes to master. takama(sean) who is a rare holy user. Asciendas(austin) who can utilize both nature and water, although he can never use the forbidden spells in each class. Jindau(Tyler) who occasionally slips into bloodmagic's destructive and malevolent curse. and Daisuke who is a water user.

These 6 heroes souls shall intertwine as they learn their magic and vanquish the evil that threatens the world.
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Magic Soul Academy (Pre-Story)
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